Norwegian Seamen’s


Singapore, Singapore

Builder: Starup & Søn (Denmark,


Year: 1960 




Surveyed: 2018

Status: Playable






Rev. o





The Organ At Norwegian Seamen’s Mission

The organ at the Norwegian Seamen’s Mission (also the Swedish Church) was built in 1960 by Danish builders. It stood in Hemlingby Church in Gävle, Sweden before being brought to Singapore as a gift by Wilhelmsen Line as part of the 40th Jubilee of the church of St John (now known as the Norwegian Seamen’s Church).

Before it was inaugurated on 14th January 1996 featuring organist Kristine Hagen, it was refurbished by organ builder Walter Thür who first had it in his workshop to carry out a thorough review, replaced its blower and parts. Upon arrival in Singapore, the organ was later installed and voiced at the church.

Walter Thür was born and raised in Austria where he learnt to be an organ builder. He later worked in Sweden as an organ builder before moving to Norway to start his own organ shop.


The organ was not known to AGO until 2005. It was subsequently restored by Singaporean organ builder Robert Navaratnam.









Technical Specifications




Trægedackt 8

Principal 4

Rørfløjte 4’

Quintatøn 2’





Photos: Yangchen, Lin

Articles Contribution:  Norwegian Seamen’s Church’s bulletin- Quarter 4 1995,  Quarter 1 1996, 40th Anniversary document, Julian Tay.





Used with Permission