We are the American Guild of Organists’ (AGO) first chapter in Southeast Asia, through which we hope to foster a thriving community of musicians who share their knowledge and inspire passion for the organ by upholding the mission, vision and value proposition of the AGO.

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We are offering free one-year membership (worth S$60) to young musicians under the age of 30!

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Get updates on organ concerts and workshops in Singapore (and overseas), and access to a support network of like-minded musicians passionate about pipe organs and organ music.


Due to the evolving conditions resulting from the Covid-19 containment measures, all Chapter activities have mostly moved online until further notice. Please check out the following links and sites for Chapter presentations and collaborations:

  1. Past webinars and videos about the organ and church music
  2. VCHpresents: Organ (concert videos):
    1. Calamity and Calm – The Music of Hope – Episode 1: Grieving(Recorded video)
    2. Calamity and Calm – The Music of Hope – Episode 2: Asking for Intercession(Recorded video)
    3. Calamity and Calm – The Music of Hope – Episode 3: Acceptance and Relief(Recorded video)
  3. With Strings Attached(Recorded video)