Kampong Kapor Methodist Church

Singapore, Singapore

Builder: Walker & Taylor/ Robert Navaratnam

Year: 1936/1989






Surveyed: 2013

Status: Playable






Rev. 0


The Organ of  Kampong Kapor Methodist Church

The pipe organ in Kampong Kapor Methodist Church was the gift of the Ladies Aid Society. It was built by Walker & Taylor, Lincoln , England , in 1936 and installed 1937. The façade bears strong resemblance to the organ in the chapel at Orchard Road Presbyterian Church.

The organ originally had tracker action and mechanical stop and coupler controls. In 1987, when the Education Block was constructed and sanctuary renovated, the organ was completely dismantled and stored in a warehouse. At the end of the renovation, it was rebuilt and raised to its present height. A new console replaced the original, and the swell box removed to accommodate more ranks. The action was also electrified to accommodate the enlargements to the organ. However the organ's original slider windchests were retained. In 1995, platforms were added on both sides of the organ to allow for more pipes to be added.

New ranks of pipes have been added over the years include the Great Mixture, mutations in the Swell, the reed stops (Trumpet 8' and Clarion 4') and the Subbass 16' in the Pedal. These additions and extensions, made possible by the generosity of Albert and Peggie Hong , have made the organ more versatile and provided it with more volume to support congregational singing in the sanctuary which has been enlarged since the organ was installed.

Mr Robert Navaratnam, Singapore 's only organ builder, has been responsible for the renovations and regular maintenance and tuning of the organ.




Techinical Specifications (Original – 1936)






Open Diapason 8’




Swell (Enclosed)

Lieblich Gedackt

Harmonic Flute 4’

Celeste 8’


Bourdon 16’





Swell To Great

Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal




Technical Specifications (Present : 1989 onwards)


Present Stoplist


Principal 8’ (RN00)


Clarabel 8’ (HNB)

Flute 8’ (Hohlflute 8’ from original organ)

Principal 4’ (RN00)

Piccolo 2’ (RN89)

Flute 4’ (RN89)

Mixture 1 1/3’ (RN)

Trumpet 8’ (RN00)

Glockenspiel (RN04) (drawn by Pedal Flute 4 stop)

Swell (unenclosed)

Diapason 8’ (originally from Great organ)

Gedackt Flute 8’ (Lieblich Gedackt from original organ)

Harmonic Flute 4’ (RN03)

Octave 4’ (RN00)

Nazard 2 2/3’ (RN00)

Terz 1 3/5’ (RN00)

Fifteenth 2’

Trumpter 8 (Gt)

Harmonic Clairon 4’ (RN00)


Bourdon 16’

Subbass 16 (RN00)

Gedackt 8’ (RN98)

Trumpet 8’ (Gt)

Trumpet 4’ (Gt)

Flute 4’ (Prepared for)




Swell To Great

Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal


HNB – Hill, Norman & Beard organ, Victoria Concert Hall

RNxx: RN = Robert Navaratnam, xx = year in which rank was installed





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Old Photos





Photos: Suzanne Lau, Robert Navaratnam

Articles Contribution: Adapted from notes by Mr. Earnest Lau, Adriel Yap, Robert Navaratnam


Used with permission