Singapore Bible College

Singapore, Singapore

Builder: Laukhuff

Year: 1987






Surveyed: 2017

Status: Playable






Rev. 1



The Laukhuff Organ

The Laukhuff organ (1987) at Singapore Bible College was purchased through a donation from the family of the co-chairman of the SBC Board of Directors.

In the last 30 years, it has served the School of Church Music well in providing a mechanical instrument for the training of many young organ students.

In 2015, the Manual I Qunitade 8 was revoiced and the Manual II Zimbel 3f was reduced to a 2 rank mixture. These tonal changes made the organ better able to play a wide variety of music. This work was carried out by Harrison & Harrison (Durham, UK)


Technical Specifications





Manual I

Quintade 8

Praestant 4

Waldflote 2

Manual II

Gedeckt 8

Rohrflote 4

Zimbel 3f 1


Subbass 16

Rohrpommer 8

Choralbass 4





II to I

I to Pedal

II to Pedal





Photos: Suzanne Lau, Yap Wai Hoong

Articles Contribution: Dr Magaret Chen, Adriel Yap

Used with permission