Freemasons Hall

Singapore, Singapore

Builder: J.W. Walker

Year: 1970





Surveyed: 2017

Status: playable






Rev. o


The Organ

As a dedication to the memory of members who died in the first and second world wars, the organ in the Main Temple of Freemasons Hall replaced an earlier instrument, built in 1925 by Walker and Taylor of Lincoln (see Orchard Road Presbyterian Church – Chapel). The organ is based on three ranks of pipes (Gedackt, Gemshorn, and Dulciana) from which its 18 stops are derived. In 2015, the electro mechanical switching system was replaced with a solid state switching system by Harrison & Harrison of Durham, and the pneumatic swell shutter engine replaced by an electric Peterson swell shutter operator.

It is further dedicated to the memory of W. Bro. Henry Augustus Forrer, 31st Degree, Past District Grand Senior Warden, Past Master of Lodge St. Michael, Born 1886 and called to the Grand Lodge above on 23rd March 1969.


The organ was dedicated on 29th June 1971 by the Deputy District Grand Master of the Eastern Archipelago, W. Bro. Bernard Charles Jackson Buckeridge 32nd Degree.




The Walker and Taylor instrument was moved to Orchard Road Presbyterian and was placed on the North side of the chancel. It was later moved to the chapel, and enlarged and rebuilt by Robert Navaratnam in the late 1980s or early 1990s. At this time the second manual was added with action converted to an electro-mechanical system.

The Walker Organ is what is known in the industry as a UNIT or EXTENSI0N 0RGAN. All of the 18 stops are derived from 3 ranks of pipes: a DULCIANA, a GEDECKT, and a PRINCIPAL.

The gold coloured pipes on the facade are non- functional and are for decorative purposes only. The functional organ pipes are behind this facade and total 255 in number and are arranged on the extension principle to provide 18 stops on two manuals and pedal. The mechanism is based on a simple electric system recently overhauled and upgraded with a new microprocessor-based coupling system with low voltage cabling throughout the organ.

The manual or console comprising 2 keyboards, the SWELL (upper keyboard) and the GREAT (lower keyboard) and a PEDAL board are located separately in the northwest area of the Temple and are connected to the pipes and wind chest electrically.

ln 2014 it became evident that the Walker Organ was in need of repair and renovation and with the assistance of Adriel Yap (a Singaporean), who is employed by the Organ Builders, Harrison & Harrison of Durham, England, a report was received and accepted by the District Grand Master of the Eastern Archipelago.

The restoration work was completed in June 2015.



Technical Specifications (Walker & Taylor, Lincoln, 1925)

(Relocated to Orchard Road Presbyterian Church in 1970)



Great (Unenclosed)

Diapason 8

Flöte 8

Gamba 8

Celeste 8

Principal 4

Piccolo 2




Bourdon 16





Great to Pedal





Techinical Specifications (J W Walker, 1970)

A: Gedackt 16' (97 notes)

B: Gemshorn 4' (61 notes)

C: Dulciana 4' (61 notes)

All pipes enclosed except for 1-12 of A



Gedeckt 8

Dulciana 8

Principal 4

Gedeckt Flute 4

Nazard 2 2/3

Flautino 2

Larigot 1 1/3




C (Notes 1-12 from A)





A (breaks back at F# 55)



Principal 8

Gedackt 8

Gemshorn 4                  

Dulcet 4                          

Twelfth 2 2/3

Fifteenth 2



B (notes 1-12 from 13-24 of A & 1-12 of C)




C (notes 55-61 from A)

B (notes 49-61 from A)


Sub Bass 16                   

Bass Flute 8                   

Gemshorn 4                  

Octave Flute 4              







Tremulant to whole organ

Great to Pedal

Melodic Bass (couples lowest note of the manuals to the pedal Sub Bass 16)



Notes 1-12 of A are electro pneumatic

All other pipes on direct electric pallet magnets

16-stage swell shade engine

The organ is controlled by a MultiSystem from Solid State Organ Systems (SSOS).

Sham facade pipes




Photos: Suzanne Lau

Articles Contribution: Adapted from notes by Mr. Earnest Lau, Adriel Yap, Ong Te-min



Used with Permission




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Photos: Suzanne Lau

Articles Contribution: Adapted from notes by Mr. Earnest Lau, Adriel Yap, Ong Te-min



Used with Permission