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Pipe Organs in Singapore

Prepared by Ong Te-Min, updated by Yap Wai Hoong

Modern Singapore was founded in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles. Several churches were established in Singapore shortly after Raffles arrival, among the earliest was the Roman Catholic church. And with the church came pipe organs. Some of the earliest instruments were noted at St. Andrew's church (today St. Andrew's cathedral) and the Scots Presbyterian church (present day Orchard Road Presbyterian church). There was even an orgue de choeur by the Paris based firm of Cavaille-Coll installed in the church of Ss Peter & Paul.

We are left with a grand total of 10 working organs, 1 unplayable organ and a few small positive/portativ organs. This page is still in the process of being updated, if you have any further information on the pipe organs in Singapore please feel free to leave us a message on our Facebook page

List of Organs

Victoria Concert Hall
Esplanade Concert Hall
Cathedral of the Good Shepherd
Orchard Road Presbyterian Church - Main Organ
Orchard Road Presbyterian Church - Chapel Organ
Kampong Kapor Methodist Church
Freemasons Hall
Norwegian Seamen's Mission
Singapore Bible College
Dulwich College
St Andrew's Cathedral

Organs no Longer in Existence

  • Victoria Concert Hall (Hill, Norman & Beard, 1931)
  • Ss Peter & Paul (Cavaille-Coll, 1877)
  • St. Joseph Portugese Misson (Forster & Andrews, 1888)
  • St. Andrew's Church (Holdich, 1843/44; John Walker, 1862; Hill, Norman & Beard, 1929)