Steven Baxter

 Recital Studio

 Yong Siew Toh


 Singapore, Singapore

 Year: 2016






 Surveyed: 2018

 Status: Playable


The Mattieu Garnier Continuo Organ

Commissioned by Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of music in 2016, the 1-manual Continuo Organ is  primarily  used for baroque ensemble music. This organ comprises of 5 ranks, controlled by 10 lever stops. The compass range from C to f'''. One would notice the keys are generally short than of the standard length. This calls for the use of historical fingerings.

The keyboard is split, with middle 'C' as the splitting point. Each rank is controlled by 2 stops - the bass side and the treble side. This allows the bass side to have a set of registration that is different from the treble side, allowing it to have an accompaniment/solo combination when the music calls for.

The organ is tuned to A=440hz. It can be 'tuned' to A=415Hz or A=467Hz by transpositiong, which is done by shifting the keyboard to the left or right, making each key move in steps of a semitone. (i.e. when tuned to A=415Hz, the keyboard is shifted right, so a C# key actually open the pallet of C key, making the organ sound a semitone lower.

Technical Specifications



REGAL 16' Bass/Treble
QUINTLEIN 1 1/3’ Bass/Treble
WALDFLÖTE 2' Bass/Treble
FLÖTE 4'  Bass/Treble
GEDACKT 8’ Bass/Treble

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